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Making Cake Pops with NORPRO's Cherry Red Silicone Cake Pop Tray

by Katys Krafty Kitchen

Making Cake Pops with NORPRO's Cherry Red Silicone Cake Pop Tray

my kids are crazy for cake pops!

It was the first rainy day of fall and my kids and I had the “I’m bored blues”.  What was a Mom to do? We chased the blues away by making a fresh, delicious, decadent batch of cake pops.  I pulled out my brand new cheery red silicone cake pop tray from NORPRO and set about creating some yummy treats with my kids.


This great pan makes 12 bite-sized, mess free treats on a stick.  We used the included step-by-step instructions, (which were super easy to follow).  You can use cake, brownie or donut mix with this pan.  My kids decided to make brownie cake pops.  We prepared our favorite store bought brownie mix.  All we had to do was fill one side of the pan with mix (the side without the holes), then we snapped the empty pan (the side with the holes) over top of the filled pan and popped it in the oven.  In 20 minutes we took the pan out of the oven and waited another 15 minutes for our pops to cool.


While the pops were cooling we “discussed” our decorating strategy.  Both kids and I had 4 pops each to decorate. We prepped white and dark chocolate icing to “paint” the pops as my 5 year old Aiden said, then chose the all important array of sprinkles and “bling”. We melted our chocolate in the microwave and set about creating our edible masterpieces. A great tip from the instructions is to dip one end of the included pop sticks into the melted icing (or chocolate or candy). This melted chocolate acts like “glue” and did a great job of securing the sticks once inserted into each pop.


We each took turns dipping the pops into the melted chocolate, and then dipped them into our chosen sprinkles etc. Ava, my budding baker loved taking each completed pop and placing it through the holes on the top part of the “double duty” pan & stand.  We admired our work for about 10 seconds before we started to devour them.  As much as I enjoyed making these delicious cake pops with my kids, I think I loved the easy clean up even more, a quick rinse and in the dishwasher the pan went.  Next time, we’re going to stuff each pop with a marshmallow…and be sure to save Daddy a pop or two…maybe!

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