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NORPRO silicone ice pop makers

by Mommas Trendy Kitchen

Not just a summer treat – and not just for kids!

Healthy, affordable AND fun! I just have to share with you this great product I found that not only provides homemade healthy treats for the kids, but also scored me some cool-mommy points! It is the NORPRO silicone ice pop makers.  They are dishwasher safe, they come in 4 assorted colours, they are BPA safe, durable, reusable, quick freeze design, they are no mess and they are very user friendly for my 8 year and his little hands.


I bought these with my son in mind but they have proven to be a mommy pleaser too.  My son and I have been busy coming up with all kinds of healthy treats to put in these fast freezing little tubes.  His favorite so far is the frozen strawberry yogurt, for me I have been enjoying the different combinations of frozen fruit puree. With their convenient and fast freezing design you will have tons of fun and lots of time coming up with different filler options.  The possibilities are endless – Not only have we tried fruit purees and yogurt, we have also experimented with fruit, peanut butter, chocolate chips, nuts, caramel, whipped cream, soda, candies, gelatin, sauces, jams, sherbets and instant pudding just to name a few.


I have even sent yogurt in them with my son’s lunch, you know like one of those yogurt-tubes you buy at the store.  These were mainly designed for frozen treats but it works great in the lunch bag – we haven’t had an issue yet and my son is asking me daily to send them in his lunch.


As a consumer, and most importantly as a parent these silicone ice pop makers have exceeded my expectations and been a big hit in my house.  Ice pops aren’t just for summer anymore – they are a healthy and fun snack all year long!

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